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My name is Sascha Bregenhorn, I am a full-time designer and developer from Münster, Germany. I offer web design, web development and graphic design services. Find out more.


This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too. It's basically what I’d tell you if we hadn’t seen in a while.


Someone wrote me on Instagram saying "You do graphic design and all this web stuff, that would drive me crazy!". I thought about that. Yeah, sometimes. But, that's not all. A bit photography here, a bit video and audio editing there. Content creation. Social media management. Don't forget taxes and all that bureaucracy. And btw, "web stuff" is a rather loose term. Today I've worked on some frontend mobile optimisation and also with Kirby CMS, Drupal, Wordpress and xt:Commerce ... and it's 11am. It's safe to say that not no day's the same.


Last year I rediscovered what is commonly known as “grunge design”, made popular in the late 90s / early 2000s by people like David Carson and Thomas Schostok with his Beast Magazine. I also learned that there's still a pretty vibrant scene on Instagram keeping the style alive and kicking. So I joined in, did some stuff just for fun and got in contact with people. Lately I contributed two pieces for the last edition of 46pgs magazine, which arrived this week. Insane project.


Just excavated my PlayStation 3 to waste some time with GTA V. Amazing that an 11 years old game can still be so much fun. Watched Griselda recently, and I think Gloria does a good job, but most of all the look of the series is awesome. Refell in love with Kavinsky, love that 80s retro stuff. And I rediscovered the podcast "Off Camera with Sam Jones", super interesting interviews.


In addition to the ongoing projects – see previous posts – I've started to work on four more websites as a subcontractor for an agency. These projects won't be added to my portfolio, in fact I won't even be mentioned on the legal pages. I have no problem with that, I can be the busy bee in the background from time to time. No questions asked, just do what makes everybody happy. Shipping is beautiful. Paychecks are beautiful as well.


Recently enjoyed some Matty Matheson videos and podcast interviews. Obviously a freak and super annoying at times, but … what a life story. I am kind of drawn to these VICE characters. Watched the Ashley Madison documentary on Netflix. Never heard about the data breach before and I think it’s pretty funny how they try to make us feel sorry for the victims. Band of the week is Green Lung, great stuff. Revisited Slayer’s Seasons in the Abyss and it was not as embarrassing as I expected.


Looking forward to start two fresh projects this week. Small, creative Kirby CMS sites for nice people. Worked on some logo designs, which is something I'd like to do more again in the future — good distraction from all the web work. Totally behind my own marketing schedules, did not post anything on Insta for weeks. Sigh. My job title should either be Master Procastinator or Mr. Inconsistency. I promise improvement.


In Düsseldorf for a couple of days attending the Beyond Tellerrand Conference for what feels like approx. the 100th time. Knowing showrunner Marc Thiele and other longtime attendees for quite a while now it’s always like coming home. Also meeting the Kirby CMS gang in person which I much prefer over Discord chats. Next weekend I need to drop off my daughter in the Emsland area. While I‘m at it I will probably head over to the Netherlands for a quick visit.


Just finished a bunch of web projects that either launched or are waiting for approval. Had the secret plan to stay away from client projects in May, but again there‘s – of course unbelievably urgent – stuff piling up. People are now calling me asking for Kirby CMS, which is great because then I don’t need to explain why they won’t get Wordpress from me. Had to update nine websites because my Hoster now wants money for PHP 8.0. Also had some graphic design stuff to do and coming up. Variety. Good.


Tweaking the Artifactor project, which is an <?php rand() ?> art generator specialising in what they call grunge design. Still have two 95% finished Kirby CMS themes lying around. I am hesitating to publish them. Guess I fear they need more attention after that and I am already a bit frustrated about the work hours I had to put into client projects recently. Yeah, I know, it‘s good to have them, but I also have 3.000 side project ideas. I‘ll tell you later about the magazine I am working on.


Just found out that I missed two new episodes of Dirt (by Huckberry), love this YouTube series. Watched Dune 2, which was good, but I liked part 1 better. Next up for my wife's and my appetence for science fiction: Rebel Moon 2. Half way through The Fountainhead — sometimes a bit too strange-love-affair-centered for my taste, but still full of life lessons, which is why they still recommend this book after 80 years I guess. Now going to check out if Pearl Jam managed to make a good album this time; they lost me somewhere around Vitalogy. Went to Slash last week, but only to see Wolf van Halen as the support, who was as awesome as expected. I'd like to go to the Dream Theater “Reunion Tour” but 82 € is grossly overpriced.


Preparing a trip to Antwerpen next week with the Stewwood Brewing Co. gang. Until further notice we gonna have a couple of fine locally brewed beers and hit the apparently countless vinyl shops. Also very much looking forward to the Beyond Tellerrand in May to recharge my creative batteries and meet some old and new friends. Planning a trip to LA in the fall with my daughter.

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